Come and join us for our Virtual balloon race and raise money for our cause in a uniquely fun way

This year we have teamed up with EcoRacing to offer families the chance to compete against each other in a Christmas Day Virtual Balloon race.

How does a virtual balloon race work?

Participants buy a balloon in the Christmas Day Virtual Balloon race. The race starts from Lapland at 12pm Friday 25th of December and ends on Friday 31st of December. When you buy a balloon you are able to apply a strategy to manipulate your balloon to potentially fly faster/further than anyone else (including changing the colour, the shape, the helium content and thickness of the rubber).

You can monitor your balloons progress in the 7 day race on the EcoRacing website.

How do I enter?

It’s really simple, FoSMPS have set up a cause on the EcoRacing website and have entered our school into the Christmas Day race (Search for FoSMPS on the website). To buy balloons, simply follow the link below and click on ‘buy a balloon’, you will then be asked to create an account and then can get racing

FoSMPS Balloon Race

How much does it cost to enter?

The price is £3.00 per balloon which is payable through the EcoRacing website and people can buy multiple balloons to increase their chance of winning.

Please share this with friends and family to buy balloons and you can even buy the balloons as a gift for others (maybe as a stocking filler).

How does FoSMPS make money?

£2.35 of every balloon bought through the FoSMPS cause goes directly to FoSMPS and helps support our amazing school.

Are there any prizes?

This is a national race and everyone who buys a balloon will be entered into the competition for the national prizes. EcoRacing offers the following prizes for 1st,2nd & 3rd place (T&Cs apply):

£500 Cash

Apple iPad

10 lucky winners of £10 Book Tokens

As a further bonus, FoSMPS will be offering cash prizes to the 3 balloons who fly the furthest that have been bought by FoSMPS community (this will guarantee a winner from the FoSMPS community). We will advise on what these additional prizes are in due course.

Good Luck!

For further information please visit

Ecoracing FAQ

Thank you for your continued support.

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