A Magical Chrstmas Letter From Santa

The perfect way to keep the magic going!

Imagine how excited your child will be when a personalised letter arrives from the North Pole! Each magical letter will be individually personalised and delivered by a FoSMPS elf directly to your home address (at a time when we know the children will be at school or in bed!) To captivate your child’s imagination even more, encourage them to write their own letter to Santa. Why not leave this at the bottom of the chimney or post it to Santa at the North pole. And watch their amazed faces when a couple of weeks later the jolly man himself writes a personal reply...

Wait! There’s more!

Each letter will include a little surprise…….an elf never tells.

If you would like your child to receive their own special letter from Santa, please log on to the school Gateway via the link below to place your order and make payment. Please remember to order 1 letter per child. Letters are also available for siblings/other children who do not attend the school. Santa will reply to all children on the nice list.

In order for us to personalise your letter/s once you have paid on the School Gateway you will be emailed a Google form (within 7 days) and will need to complete ALL of the following information:

Child’s First name

Town where you live

Accomplishment this year e.g played nicely with brother or sister/worked really hard at home school / helped at home

Teacher’s name

School/Nursery - please indicate which they attend

Class at school/nursery

LPresent they are asking Santa for

Most important - the delivery address

Email address in case we need to contact you

*The above information is really important for us to personalise the letters so please ensure you complete the Google form as soon as you receive it.*

The price is £2.00 per letter (minimum donation) which is payable when you order on the school gateway.

All funds raised will be used towards ongoing school projects and improvements for your children.

Thank you for your continued support.

Jingle - The FoSMPS Christmas Elf

Believing, Achieving, Succeeding

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